Do you know what your sales and marketing dollars are earning for you? If you don't, you may be spending thousands of dollars for little or perhaps no return. Too often companies tend to believe that it is impossible to know the effect these dollars have on the bottom line.

The consultants of Quantitative Marketing Intelligence (QMI) believe you can and must know this information in order to maximize your profits. We can help you quantify the costs and profits of each of your products and customers; with this knowledge we can: help you focus on the most profitable opportunities, recommend changes to advertising, make adjustments to sales compensation, perform precise research, and put in place the means to track and measure the on-going results so you are in the best position to make the most profitable decisions.

Here are some of the sales and marketing investment questions we can help you answer:

• Who are my best customers, and what must I do to keep them?

• What do they think of my products?

• How dispersed geographically are my customers, am I organized efficiently to handle this?

• How dependent am I on a small number of customers, what would be effect if I lost one or more?

• How will the development and launch of new products affect the costs of other areas of my company?

• Is my investment in products paying off in revenue--and even more importantly, in profits?

• What are the NET profits for each of my products?

• How much profit are my sales and marketing dollars returning?

• Is my sales staff too large or too small for the market?

• Is my sales compensation plan properly aligned with my current products?

• Are quotas and sales territories evenly distributed to keep my sales force motivated?



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